Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Disney Infinity: Land ahoy!

At Studio Gobo we have been working alongside Avalanche on the recently released Disney Infinity. We were working on the Pirates of the Caribbean play set. I thought I would share just a few of the pieces I painted for this epic game.

First up was the islands. Avalanche had such a clear style guide it was a pleasure to follow and initially I was tasked with making these blobs out at sea recognisable and clear. Trying to give each one a personality and charm of its own.

Rough silhouette and shapes playing with size and proportion.

Considering these pesky pirates could sail anywhere we had to find a way to attract the players eye to the right part of the island to dock. These are two experiments for Buccaneer Bay and Dead Mans Cove.

This was an in game paint over using the beautiful sky dome and sea tech. On the left we have Demons Cape the casim down the centre of our world and to the right Calypso Bayou.

A very early design for Fort St Grande. I grew just a tiny bit from this design.

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