Saturday, 4 February 2012

Learning Flash

Homeless Bob runs. Following a great tutorial by Chris Georgenes. Sorry iphone users you will have to stare at the motionless Bob and imagine the speed. Moving your head left to right really fast works pretty well.... look at him run. He is running on the PC, honest.


  1. HAHAHA...very cool!! should put a chocolate bar or a stella bobbing up and down in his he is making an escape!...

    Nice work bud!....

  2. Damn it I knew I forgot something. Great idea, those two will certainly feature in Bobs future if he wakes from the bench in this bitter freeze we are currently having. (-1) nothing to you lot over there ;)

    Cheers chap

  3. HAHAHA...NICE!!'s pretty cold here too...-16 earlier this week...feels colder tho'...